Something’s gotta give in Dallas

After taking a few days to reflect on FC Dallas’ loss to the Seattle Sounders Saturday, I’ve come to a few conclusions. But before I get to those, I have some thoughts on the game too.

FC Dallas were completely outclass from the first to the final whistle. They allowed Seattle to run rampant all over the field. The Eddie Johnson goal resulted from a ridiculously high line defense, which I thought we learned didn’t work the last time we played in Seattle. The FCD midfield couldn’t control the ball. And for the most part, no one on the field in the red and white hoops looked remotely interested in the game. The bright spot for Dallas was Mauro Diaz when he came on after halftime. He played with energy and purpose. Towards the end, Blás Perez started to look like he cared, but it was Mauro who had the closest, if not the most unlikely, chances on goal. FC Dallas didn’t make a single shot on goal the whole first half. I’m not even sure they had a single shot off target either! By the end of the game, our players were frustrated and it showed. David Ferreira gave up a silly challenge on the edge of the box and gifted Seattle the penalty kick and their third goal. Completely inexcusable.

Eddie Johnson powers past Jair Benitez just like Seattle easily beat FC Dallas

Eddie Johnson powers past Jair Benitez just like Seattle easily beat FC Dallas

Granted, Seattle are a fantastic team and only getting stronger with the recent addition of Clint Dempsey. Introducing Dempsey to the fans before the game gave Dallas an incredible hurdle to jump: the power of the 12th man that is the crowd. That much energy in CenturyLink Field is hard to play against. Just ask Panama. Nevertheless, other problems with FC Dallas were painfully apparent.

For much of the beginning of the season, we relied heavily on our defense to keep the scoreboard empty, which worked wonderfully for a while. Unfortunately, time has revealed the weaknesses in the Dallas attack. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of cohesion in the midfield, the lack of service to our forwards, or a lack of skill on the attack. One thing I know for sure is there is a distinct lack of team chemistry and it’s hurting us. Badly. We haven’t won a game since May. Yeah sure we made it through June unbeaten and showed our resolve, but that’s failing now. The players show no desire to fight for their teammates. Maybe we need to revamp the team. Maybe it’s time for a coaching change. Maybe it’s as simple (or complicated) as the language barrier. I don’t know but I don’t like it. It’s painful to see such a promising season spiral into oblivion. The FC Dallas of 2010 is no more and something’s gotta give. And someone needs to kidnap David Ferreira and fix his hair. Stat!

This Saturday FC Dallas take on LA Galaxy in Frisco. I can only pray that the boys find some spark to fight for three desperately needed points. DTID!

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