Sir Alex Ferguson smack talks David Beckham!

Oh boy, this one is interesting folks! On Monday, Sir Alex Ferguson released his much anticipated autobiography and people were surprised to see some of the things he threw out about David Beckham. Ferguson isn’t a man who is known for holding back when he has something to say and with nothing to stop him he went all out on the topic of David Beckham. Ferguson said that Beckham’s desire for fame and made him think he was “bigger than the manager.” Yikes. He slammed Becks’ celeb status, his decision to join the LA Galaxy and even Beckham’s hair! He also talks about the infamous “boot to the eye” incident in great detail while clearing up some heated rumors.

alexfergusonThe thing that is catching most people’s attention is when Ferguson stated that he “saw no other option” but to allow Beckham to leave Man United for Real Madrid in 2003. At the time Ferguson said that many of Beckham’s teammates were becoming uncomfortable with Beckham’s celebrity status and how he was putting those things before the club.

From there Ferguson goes on to basically ridicule Becks on his decision to join LA Galaxy in 2007. Ferguson said, “If he had asked my advice when he left Real Madrid for LA Galaxy, I would have told him exactly what I thought. How can you leave Real Madrid for LA Galaxy? He reinvented himself during the breaks to go to AC Milan then finally PSG. At the end I think he did miss the big-time football. Maybe in a couple of years he’ll look back and think that.” Not only did Ferguson take a dig at LA but also at Victoria. Ferguson was adamant that the changes in Becks’ career started after he married Posh and was introduced to the celebrity lifestyle… Ferguson went on to talk about Rooney and Roy Keane and held nothing back from them either.

Who knows how Ferguson is feeling about Becks now, but I’ll leave you with this quote from his book signing and you can figure it out. “I thought David was a marvelous guy. When he joined us at 12 years of age, he had this fantastic ambition to be a footballer. I loved that. It was a wonderful period for Man United. He worked to the point where he became a great player but the celebrity life got a hold of him.”


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