SB Nation celebrates Women’s Equality Day with extra douchiness

Finch10While the rest of the country was celebrating Women’s Equality Day by talking about such trivial things as the 19th Amendment and equal pay for equal work, the brain trust over at one SB Nation site decided weigh in on the conversation by reminding us all how physically superior men are athletically and by questioning amazing feats by female athletes. Seems about right.

Now that we know the ugly truth behind ”The Battle of the Sexes,” namely that Bobby Riggs took a dive in his 1973 tennis match against Billie Jean King, it makes you wonder about this shameful event:

In February 2004, [Jennie] Finch took the mound against major league hitters in the Pepsi All-Star Softball Game and struck out Albert Pujols, Mike Piazza, and Brian and Marcus Giles. “I never touched a pitch,” an amazed Marcus Giles said. “Her fastball was the fastest thing I’ve ever seen, from that distance. It rises and cuts at the same time.”

Now, am I alleging that the fix was in — that Pujols, Piazza, and the brothers Giles struck out on purpose?

Yes. Yes, I am. I guarantee that was the case. I would stake my professional reputation as a baseball blogger on it.

Fun. Meanwhile, I’ll stake my professional reputation on the blogger in question being single for a really long time and winding up in diversity employer-mandated training at some point.

And lest you think we women at Aerys Sports are sans a sense of humor, we get that this piece was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek (at least we hope it was), but the timing, not to mention the execution, was all wrong. After all, what better way to celebrate women in sports by publicly calling a fantastic female athlete a fraud?

And Jennie, if you’re reading, we hoping you take this bozo up on his offer and toss him a couple high and tight.


9 thoughts on “SB Nation celebrates Women’s Equality Day with extra douchiness

  1. Aisle424 says:

    “I would stake my professional reputation as a baseball blogger on it.”

    (dying laughing)
    (dying laughing)
    (dying laughing)

    OK, Mr. Baseball-Blogger-I’ve-Never-Heard-Of.

    (dying laughing)
    (dying laughing)
    (dying laughing)

    SB Nation: Home of Yellon and this fucking guy. Quality.

    1. juliedicaro says:

      To be fair, Al would never write anything like this. And Neyer is all defensive about it. WTF.

      1. Aisle424 says:

        Two different kinds of awful.

  2. Sarah Tyson says:

    Recommended reading for Mr. Brannon: “The Sports Gene” by David Epstein. This excerpt discusses why MLB hitters can’t hit Jennie Finch and science behind reaction time:

  3. juliedicaro says:

    I can’t believe Rob Neyer is defending this crap. Disappointed.

  4. tarafraney says:

    When you’re trying to do a parody of misogyny, it helps to, you know, do something funny, and not just say a bunch of misogynistic shit.

  5. Jennie should go all Dempster on his ass. I’d pay top dollar to whatever charity she wanted just to watch it all go down.

  6. juliedicaro says:

    Me too. Only it wouldn’t take Jennie four pitches to hit him.

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