Same old story for LA Galaxy

My oh my what an interesting game this one was. I just have to say that apparently I’m some sort of bad luck charm when it comes to watching LA games in the flesh. This was my fifth LA Galaxy game and I have yet to see them win. Five games; two loses and three ties. Yeah, I know, I should just stop going to games or something. I was determined that my luck would change with this game, but alas I was once again disappointed by the result.

1239674_10151841948678887_766819969_nRobbie Keane started things off early in the first half as he netted a goal in the 7th minute with a back heel assist from Landon Donovan. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for these two to hook up and score a goal, this is the 12th game the two have played together and their rap sheet is a beauty; 16 goals and 15 assists combined. In the 9th minute LA hit a rough spot as AJ DeLaGarza was subbed out with a dislocated elbow and Sean Franklin was subbid in. DC started picking up the pressure around the same time and forced Penendo to make a couple of saves. It all came down in the 39th minute as Chris Pontius tied it up by beating Gonzalez wiht a couple of crossovers and then beat Penendo to give DC thier first goal of the night. DC never let up and ended up winning a corner with 2 minutes left in the half, it was a big play but Penendo came up big again for LA and the half ended 1-1.

Second half I was on edge, Donovan was subbed out with a left ankle injury and Villarreal was subbed in. This brought about new speed for LA but it also took away a factor on who would score the second goal (Donovan and Keane have been the only two players to score multiple times this year). In the 58th minute Keane almost put another in the back of the net but his shot was just wide. The 69th minute was a tough one as De Rosario almost put DC up 2-1 but Sean Franklin saved it at the last moment. Let me just admit real quick that I have never been a Michael Stephens fan, and I’m not sure I ever will be. I don’t really know why, but he’s that one player that will always be on my “even if you do become really good I’ll probably still not like you” list. So as soon as I noticed he was being subbed in I told my ‘rents that we should just hand the game to DC because lord knows Stephens gives up the ball every single time he touches it. So yeah, you can say I’m not a Stephens fan. Where I’m going with this little rant is this, in the 79th minute the one and only Michael Stephens scored a goal. The DC crowd went silent and I went crazy in the “holy cow that just happened and I am shocked” (I was booed by about ten people which was awesome). My excitement didn’t last long though because in the 82nd minute DC’s Porter scored the equalizer. It wouldn’t have been a goal but Leonardo didn’t step up in time and ended up keeping Porter onside. This was the 18th goal LA have given up this season in the final 15 minutes of the game. Landon stated it best saying, “Eight minutes to go with a lead, and sort of the same old story…. We can’t keep doing that.” I couldn’t agree more. As the final whistle blew LA tied 2-2 with the team who is last in the MLS.

LA’s next game is a CCL game on Wednesday and their next MLS game is next Saturday against Seattle.

Random note; I have to say thank you to Brandon from section 128! During the first half I was sitting in the section behind the DCU supporters and couldn’t see a thing so we were going to move seats. Brandon came up to me and told me he reads my articles and he had extra seats in his section, he also “overlooked the fact that I’m a LA fan” and he gave me second row seats for the rest of the game. So thanks Brandon, I appreciate it!!

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