Sam Gordon: rockstar author giveaway

Did you know that Samantha Gordon has a book out? Yes, that same Samantha Gordon who dominated as a girl on an all-boys football team, racking up almost 2,000 yards in one season, as highlighted in the viral video that swept the nation. She’s pretty much my idol.

Sweet Feet

And her book is awesome. Sweet Feet is written for kids about Sam’s age (she’s ten) and gives a motivational message that anyone can follow their dreams. The book takes you through Sam’s short but considerably impressive life. Like me, you may experience pangs of envy along the way! But through it all, Sam remains a normal, down to earth kid who just wants to play sports. Well, play women’s soccer in the Olympics. This girl knows how to dream big!


Here are some highlights from the book:

  • The book’s forward is written by Abby Wambach, a star on the U.S. National Soccer Team (and idol to every girl everywhere)
  • Sam meets Snoop Dog (sorry, Snoop Lion!) and yes, there are pictures!
  • Through her burgeoning fame, Sam gets quite the insider look into football, especially the NFL. She watched the Super Bowl with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Beyonce was in the suite next to them!
  • There are fun pictures (one of my favorites was of Shaq and Sam- I think his hands are bigger than her face!) and inspiring quotes throughout the book, and my favorites were the ones that focused on female sports pioneers.

If Sam isn’t your idol already, she will be after you read this book. It’s the perfect read for any kid (or adult)–athlete or not–who could use a little inspiration.

And now, here’s your chance to win a hardcover copy of the book (there’s a signed poster inside!)

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Emily Ritter is a contributing writer to Aerys Offsides. She tweets her love for Sam Gordon and football: @ebritter2.


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