Royals ranked 29th based on value

Earlier in the week, ranked all thirty Major League Baseball teams based on value. The KC Royals came in 29th out of the 30 teams at $540 million. Only the Tampa Bay Rays were less valuable ($530 million). On a positive note, the Royals did gain the most in revenue sharing ($36 million), though I wonder what the team does with all that money.

The average value of an MLB team is $1 billion, up 35% over previous estimates. Ten teams are valued at over one billion dollars. The top valued team is the NY Yankees at $3.28 billion, with the LA Dodgers ranked second at $2.1 billion. Boston, who is currently playing in the World Series, is ranked third at $2.068 billion and the NY Mets are the other valued team over the two billion plateau at $2.058 billion (fourth).

To determine value, looked at ticket sales, concessions, sponsorship and broadcast rights, and TV channels, radio stations, and real estate. National TV contracts and merchandise is split evenly, along with MLB Advanced Media.

Check out how the 30 teams rank:

  1. NYY ($3.28 billion)
  2. LA Dodgers ($2.1 billion)
  3. Boston ($2.068 billion)
  4. NY Mets ($2.058 billion)
  5. Chicago Cubs ($1.328 billion)
  6. SF ($1.230 billion)
  7. Baltimore ($1.120 billion)
  8. LA Angels ($1.090 billion)
  9. Philadelphia ($1.040 billion)
  10. Texas ($1.010 billion)
  11. Chicago White Sox ($960 million)
  12. Toronto ($950 million)
  13. Washington ($850 million)
  14. Detroit ($830 million)
  15. St. Louis ($805 million)
  16. Houston ($800 million)
  17. Atlanta ($760 million)
  18. Seattle ($720 million)
  19. Minnesota ($700 million)
  20. San Diego ($685 million)
  21. Cincinnati ($680 million)
  22. Milwaukee ($615 million)
  23. Pittsburgh ($610 million)
  24. Arizona ($600 million)
  25. Miami ($595 million)
  26. Oakland ($590 million)
  27. Colorado ($580 million)
  28. Cleveland ($575 million)
  29. Kansas City ($540 million)
  30. TB ($530 million)


Here is how the Royals value breaks down:

  • The Royals team value is $431 million, which ranks 29th (the Rays are last at $421 million). They receive $110 million in MLB Advanced Media (which is the same among every team).
  • The Royals team revenue is $180 million, which ranks 28th. The Rays are last and the A’s are ranked 29th.
  • The Royals brought in $37 million in gate receipts, which is ranked 26th. The Rays and Indians are last, followed by the A’s and the Padres.
  • The Royals sold $11 million in concessions, which ranked them 27th. The Rays were once again last, followed by the A’s and the Indians.
  • In terms of sponsorship, the Royals brought in $14 million, ranking them 27th. The Marlins were last, followed by the A’s and the Rays.
  • The Royals were dead last in media rights ($53 million).
  • I have never been to Kauffman Stadium, but parking must be expensive. The Royals made $4 million on parking, which ranked them 15th.
  • The Royals attendance was 1.8 million, which ranked them 26th. The Rays were last in attendance with 1.5 million. Then it was the Indians (1.6 million), the Marlins (1.6 million), and the Astros (1.7 million).



Hopefully if the Royals continue to play well, they can move up in some of these rankings to become a more valued team.

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