Reggie To Re-sign With Colts

Reggie Wayne to re-sign three-year deal with Colts.

Someone is staying!

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Tuesday night that receiver Reggie Wayne will re-sign a three-year deal to remain with the Indianapolis Colts. Here’s Adam’s tweet:

Details on the contract haven’t been released but one thing is for certain. Those rumors that he will be a package deal with Peyton Manning are kind of over. Unless…. Naaaaah!! Andy Luck will have a nice target in Reggie next season! That should be quite exciting for Colts fans.

See! …  Check out this Colts fan who is REALLY excited that Reggie is back!

After the last few … months, I’m sure this is great news for Jim!

This is a pretty great re-signing for the Colts!

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