Reebok Cardio Tone Review

I used to do Reebok training workouts that featured Petra Kolber and Reebok step videos with Gin Miller. My favorite was Hi Lo Aerobics with Kolber. At some point, though, I gave up all my VHS videos, including my workouts. For the most part, I never replaced them with the exact titles. I started collecting new titles on DVD. Based on my previous positive view of Reebok videos, I was eager to try ones that they’ve more recently released.

Reebok Cardio reebokTone offers 87 minutes of challenging cardio and toning. The workout is divided into seven segments that are seven to eleven minutes long. Four are focused on cardio. Two are cardio/sculpt routines. The final segment is a cardio core segment. The DVD also has a warm-up and cooldown.

The cardio is done at an intermediate level. Many of the moves are high impact, but one of the cast members does the routine at a low impact. Instructor Sara Haley builds the routine on the right and the left. The moves are repetitive, but it gives the opportunity to get comfortable with the moves. Some of the twisting moves are difficult to perform on carpet.

The sculpting routines are done with hand weights. The moves are done quickly, so I went lighter than I normally would. The cardio core segment is a standing abs routine.

The workout is customizable. All but the cardio core segments can be mixed and matched from the menu. The cardio core is a “bonus” workout that must be played from the menu.

Overall, I found this to be an energizing, fast-paced workout. It was challenging but not at the intensity of Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body or a Jillian Michaels video. I liked instructor Sara Haley. She was positive and motivating without being over the top. Haley has a recently released another workout DVD, Sweat Unlimited, that I’d like to try.

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