Redskins Round Up: News and Bye Week

The Washington Redskins have a bye week. Let’s hope they can regroup and get back on track.

NFL Admits Mistake in Redskins/Panthers Game

On Monday, the NFL acknowledged that it should not have given the Carolina Panthers a touchdown in the first quarter when a whistle was inadvertently blown. Instead the play should have been ruled as dead and Carolina should have been given the option to replay the down or take the play as it stood at the 17 yard line.

The league released this statement:

“By rule, Carolina should have been given a choice of putting the ball in play where [running back DeAngelo] Williams was ruled to have stepped out of bounds–1st-and-10 from the Washington 17 yard-line–or replaying the down–1st-and-10 from the Washington 30.”

A Look Ahead

The Redskins are a little more than halfway through their season. The second half of their season will definitely be a challenge. They face the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys twice along with the Giants and Ravens. It looks like a tough road ahead especially when they play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving then a Monday Night Football game against the Giants.

Washington should use this week to regroup both their offense and defense to prepare for the upcoming schedule. They have a tough schedule and need to do well the back half if they want a chance of making the playoffs.

Enjoy the bye week and see you back here next week.

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