Red Sox: How Long Until Truck Day?

Oh, wait – Truck Day is tomorrow?  Truck Day is tomorrow!

Finally.  This interminable winter has to, well, terminate.  It may be because the Red Sox didn’t, erm, play as long a season as they expected to in 2011, but it feels like this offseason’s been endless.  Truck Day, and the sunny, warm Fort Myers promises it brings, can’t come soon enough.

In other news:  hey!  Kevin Youkilis got engaged!  To Tom Brady’s sister!  I know.  This is basically as royal a wedding as Boston gets.  Until I read the Globe piece, I didn’t even know Youk and Ms. Brady were dating.  Huh.

In even other news, Mark Melancon, the former Yankee whom the Sox expect to become a critical piece of this year’s bullpen, apparently spent some time re-familiarizing himself with the rigors of the AL East by swimming with sharks in New Zealand.  This might not quite measure up to Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey’s quest up Mount Kilimanjaro in terms of pure grit and turpitude.  But at the same time, when I go to the beach, I refuse to dip even one toe into the water if I see a single jellyfish.  That’s dead.  On the sand.  So bravo, Mark Melancon.

In still other news, Jet Blue debuted its new Red Sox-themed plane today.  The Airbus A320 features the Red Sox team colors (away uniforms, I assume) on the fuselage, and made its debut trip to Fort Myers.  I couldn’t find a legitimate news source to point to on this, but my friend’s facebook status update said that my friend’s friend told him that this friend’s friend, who was a passenger on the maiden voyage, found a Sox hat and jersey on his seat when he boarded.  So there.

Truck Day!  Tomorrow!  Florida!  Pitchers and catchers!  Just a few more days…

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