Real Story Of OSU-Winthrop

Number 7 Ohio State played Winthrop in Columbus last night. Ohio State won 65-55 in spite of an absolutely abysmal first half. Winthrop has a habit of doing this. They play great teams well and have been known for playing tough in tournaments. Their coach is an Ohio guy, a Xavier grad to be exact, and sometimes that plays into things a bit, too. The non-OSU Ohio guys love beating up on The Buckeyes. There could be rumblings of OSU looking forward to the match-up with #9/8 Kansas, too.

It really doesn’t matter.

You see, the real story of this game was not the game itself, but the passionate speech delivered by Winthrop coach Pat Kelsey. He openly admitted he knew he was sitting in front of a microphone where he will be heard, that being one that belongs to one of the largest athletic departments in the country. He then delivered his feelings on the Newtown tragedy as eloquently as any we’ve heard from any politician, coach or celebrity and more thought out than any tweet or Facebook status.

Take a listen and, if you are not moved, you might want to check your pulse.

Pat Kelsey Newton Speech.

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