Rays: Sort of streaking?

The Rays beat the Rangers last night 6-2 to take the lead in the race for the AL Wild Card spot.

That’s an exciting development, but fans at last night’s game (and Twitter) got another thrill: a streaker (does it really count as streaking when the guy’s wearing underwear?) got onto the field and almost got to second base.

Dickie V tweeted this gem:

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 7.36.47 PM

Danielle Paquette of the Tampa Bay Times did some digging into the streaker’s past and found that other incidents have landed him in handcuffs.

It’s just another misdemeanor charge for Charles Ross, an amateur daredevil from Bradenton. Another YouTube video in his series of law-defying antics.

Ross — whose prank segments under the name “Ross Creations” have collectively garnered 29 million YouTube views since 2008 — was arrested Monday after police said he stripped off his clothes, ran onto Tropicana Field as the Tampa Bay Rays played the Rangers and tried to steal second base.

The Rays are currently playing game two of a four-game series with the Rangers as Tampa Bay looks to widen its lead in the Wild Card race.

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