Rays: Postseason on the line

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Last night, the Tampa Bay Rays took over the Wild Card lead in the American League.  Tonight, should they beat Texas, they would have the tie-breaker over the Rangers should the two take slots in the post-season.  And that means they would host the all-important Wild Card game in St. Pete.

By the time this is read, Matt Moore and Yu Darvish may have finished their duel, either Texas or the Rays would have laid claim to that W.C. tiebreaker.  Last night, Desmond Jennings played the hero along with Sean Rodriguez.  Hopefully, when this is read, someone else will be in the process of playing the hero – or HAVE played the role of hero – for Tampa Bay.

No matter the result of the Moore/Darvish matchup, the season is far from over.  The Rays will have ten games remaining as of Friday, with four against Baltimore and three against both the Yankees and Toronto.  No easy sledding as the season winds down.  Or, more importantly, ten games that will make the difference in the Rays’ season.

I’ve seen a number of Rays’ fans playing the negative side of the coin on Twitter recently.  How can you give up and/or complain when your team’s still in the hunt in one of baseball’s top two divisions?  They’ve competed through losing their top arms throughout the year – Moore, David Price, and Alex Cobb.  Luke Scott hasn’t been completely healthy but in short spots.  Evan Longoria has had his physical battles.  And I’ve never seen one excuse from anyone in the Tampa Bay clubhouse.  That should make Rays’ fans proud, in and of itself.  Playoffs:  to be, or not to be.  And rather than worry about it, I choose to enjoy the intensity and value of each game, right down to the wire.

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