Please Tell Me We’re Done With The Yankees For The Year

I’m fairly sure we’re both tired of each other by now. The weather only served to make everything worse.

Yesterday afternoon we all went down to Camden Yards and we played one more game. This one had been postponed by the rain twice, so the fact that we were able to finish it is amazing in its own right.

The fact that we won it? Even more incredible, since we’re the Orioles and they’re not.

Anyhow, we were down 4-1 after three, with Alfredo Simon’s struggles to keep the ball under control giving the Yankees quite a few opportunities. We slowly fought back, and in the eighth Robert Andino tied it up with a single. Two innings later, Andino pushed another single through, and Birdland rejoiced as the team came through.

This might be the most telling part, though:

The Yankees couldn’t do much of anything because the Orioles’ bullpen simply shut them down. Jo-Jo Reyes, Jeremy Accardo, Troy Patton, Kevin Gregg and Clay Rapada (1-0) combined to no-hit New York in the final six innings. The Yankees got just two baserunners, letting the Orioles rally.

Since when did we have an Uehara-less bullpen that was competent? I mean, Kevin Gregg was in there and we still didn’t give up a hit! What is this? I’m not used to this team winning, let alone having a solid bullpen. I don’t even know what’s going on here.

Ah, well, we won. Let’s take it and go on to face the Canadian Bird Team.

If you’re interested in a team named after birds that is consistent with that playing good baseball thing (at least this season), you can check out Steph’s favorite Japanese team, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. They’re currently in first place, which is confusing pretty much everyone.

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