Phillies Fans Take Booing To A Whole New Level

It is common knowledge among baseball fans that Phillies’ fans know how to boo and can be very, very loud about it.  But last night, Phillies fans took booing to a whole new level, and I have never been prouder to be a fan.

I got home last night and turned the game on in the 9th.  I could not help but hear the loud booing coming from my iPad.  I sent a message out on Twitter asking why, and I was told that it was all over a call that Bob Davidson had made the half inning before.

Yes, the fans were booing the Umpire.  Not the Phillies, not the Marlins, but “Balking” Bob Davidson, an umpire that is known for making sure that he is in the spotlight as often as possible.

The call that they were angry about was saying that Ben Revere was interfering on the Marlins ability to turn a double play.  Apparently, Revere’s slide was a problem.

Um… yeah… Ok….

MLB, please do us a favor and address the ever growing issues with the umpiring.  Contrary to their belief, baseball fans do NOT pay good money to see umpires blow (often easy) calls.  Accountability is needed!

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

No, seriously, that is a disgrace.

Cholly is like 100 (ok, 70), but still.

Love this one.  There is a lot of truth in that statement.

I love the commitment that the Phillies fans had to continuously boo Davidson for a full inning.  Especially since they stopped to cheer other plays.


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  1. You know I’m not usual one to boo but watching that very bad call made even me boo! It was ridiculous!

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