Panic in the Streets of Atlanta…

If you still need to see more, click on the link to see MLB video.

Well, maybe just online, but there is panic nonetheless after the Braves dropped another game to the Marlins.  Their lead in the Wild Card is merely 1 1/2 over St Louis, and the Giants are not far behind.  Derek Lowe gave up three runs in his 6.1 innings of work, which is an improvement, but the offense gave him no help.

I still feel that Atlanta will slide into the playoffs, but honestly, I am not sure why.  There is still a possibilty to get Tommy Hanson and Jair Jurrjens back, but right now, the probably is scoring runs.  They have been through this before, so maybe it is as simple as Larry Wayne Sr paying a visit!  Whatever the plan is, they have six days to make it work!

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