Orioles Weekend: “Well, That Was Fugly.”

The above quote comes from Jake Arrieta, who tweeted just that after the Orioles’ loss to the Nationals on Friday night. It summed up the weekend for the team fairly well, what with their also losing the second game – and Matusz – on Saturday. They dominated on Sunday to avoid the sweep, but their first two games just looked horrible. The Nationals were on a winning streak (which the Orioles shattered on Sunday, I might add), so they came into this series with all the confidence in the world, but it still just didn’t look good.

There’s better news on the horizon, though. Matusz looks a lot better already, and he’s on track to make his next scheduled start. Brian Roberts – remember him? – is on his way back, and he might even join the team in Pittsburgh. Here’s hoping!

Oh, and Luke should be back tonight, too. Isn’t that lovely?

Finally, I’d just like to share this, which I found this morning: Camden Chat got a mention on Jeopardy, and it was too awesome not to tell everyone about. Check that out here!

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