Orioles Thursday Cuts: Part The First

The Orioles made some roster cuts today. Now, there’s no official list out yet, but we do have a few names for you so far.

  • Zach Britton is still here. The kid wasn’t cut today and although he’s not likely to start in Baltimore this season, he’ll at least get one more look.
  • Josh Bell and Adrian Rosario were cut. Although these aren’t official, this is what the general buzz has been so far. Bell is obviously blocked by Reynolds at third base right now, and Rosario was a Rule 5 pick from the Brewers. If he clears waivers, the Orioles have to offer him back to the Brewers for $25,000 or trade for him, whichever makes more sense at the time.

Full roster cuts will come in a bit. You can also expect some lineups.

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