Orioles Sweep!

I took this last night, actually.

This is J.J. Hardy. Tonight, after Brandon League loaded the bases for him, he singled and two runs scored in the bottom of the thirteenth inning. The Orioles won 2-1.

The series sweep of the Mariners was just what the Orioles needed, especially considering that they were just coming off being swept. I mean, Buck Showalter smirked as Hardy was flung on the ground and poked, prodded and smacked around by the rest of the team. When that man shows a hint of joy, then you know things are good.

Now we get to go and play the Rays again, which is a little odd considering we just played them literally a few days ago. This should be interesting.

The story of the game, by the way, was Zachary Britton, taking the mound on a night when big brother Buck drove in all five runs for Frederick. Zach faced two batters over the minimum and walked nobody. Oh, he also went nine innings. His first career complete game was a no-decision, which means now he is learning what it feels like to be Roy Halladay. Hey, learning through experience is good, right?

Now that we’ve got momentum on our side, given that we had two walk-off wins in this series in extra innings, let’s see if we’re able to keep the wheels rolling.

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