Orioles Sign Luis Ayala

Ayala with the Yankees in September 2011. From Wikipedia.

In strangely effective signings news, the Orioles picked up Luis Ayala, signing him to what is believed to be a Major League deal. If so, the Orioles would have to make some sort of corresponding move involving the 40-man roster.

Apparently Ayala had his choices narrowed down to the Angels and the Orioles. Why he didn’t pick the Angels, I’ll never know, but I guess we should welcome his arrival.

The one major question that arises from this signing, which is pending a physical, is what it means for the Orioles’ interest in reacquiring Koji Uehara. I’d love to have Koji back, definitely, but with Ayala signed that essentially eliminates any need for him on the team.

I guess now we need to start coming up with fun ways to cheer Ayala on. I mean, his name sounds close enough to impala that we could say his pitching is as swift and nimble as an antelope, but that’s probably not the best comparison. I mean, let’s be honest, it sounds kind of stupid. And it’s Friday, so don’t expect me to come up with anything particularly sterling.

I’ll get back to working on Draw Your Orioles posts now.

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