Orioles Sign Josh Banks

This is the only picture I could find.

We got a new toy, everyone!

This is Josh Banks. Josh Banks was born in Baltimore and grew up in Severna Park, so he’s back home now. Josh Banks has pitched for lots of teams (Toronto, San Diego, Houston…and San Francisco’s minor league organization).

Also, according to Baseball Almanac, he’s a Cancer. Important information to know, apparently.

Josh Banks is here to foster even more competition within the team for roster spots. That’s a good thing, because it’ll light a fire under the pitchers’ bums and get them moving in the right direction again. They need that. Really, really badly.

The weirdest part of this story – really, the only weird part about this story – is that Josh Banks’s agent is Gary Sheffield. Yes, that Gary Sheffield. After he retired, he became a sports agent, apparently. I was unaware of this until I read about it here. Here’s an article from Hardball Talk discussing Sheffield’s new job. It’s not a bad gig – he’s also representing Jason Grilli, apparently.

Anyway, before I go off-topic here, welcome home, Josh Banks! Maryland missed you!

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