Orioles’ Izturis Having Surgery, Out 6-8 Weeks


Per the Baltimore Sun:

Orioles infielder Cesar Izturis, who was put on the disabled list today, will have surgery to move the ulnar nerve in his right elbow, a procedure that could keep him out from six to eight weeks, said President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail.

Izturis has been dealing with numbness in several of his fingers on his right hand. Both manager Buck Showalter and Izturis said it is the result of the ligament-reconstruction surgery he had on his right elbow in 2005. When he had the Tommy John surgery done, the doctor did not have move the ulnar nerve, and scar tissue has formed on the nerve, causing “some of the damage,” Showalter said.

Izturis was considering three options: getting an injection, removing the scar tissue or having the surgery to move the ulnar nerve. He ultimately chose the surgery.

For reference, here’s the ulnar nerve. Back in 2009, my personal hero Jed Lowrie had ulnar neuritis, which is essentially carpal tunnel syndrome in the nerve. I was therefore familiar with the nerve in question here. (Well, that and in my senior year of high school I took anatomy because it looked interesting. Really. I know, I’m a nerd.)

Image courtesy of Health Scout.

So basically, Izturis is going to need surgery, much like Lowrie did back in 2009. Obviously, it took Jed about a year to fully heal from all his wrist issues (the mono ironically gave him more time with that), so I’m wary about bringing Izturis back immediately. 6-8 weeks is nice and all, but I’d give him some extra time to heal first.

Eh, that’s just how I see it. What do you folks think?

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