Oklahoma Sooners Still Holding Out On Quarterback Annoucement

Well, as most of you know, the Oklahoma Sooners officially went back to class on Monday. And what happens when school starts? Football season starts…

bell1With just under two weeks till the first game of the season, the Sooners have yet to decide on a quarterback. Well, maybe decide isn’t the right word; Announce works better. Without a quarterback announcement, they have also yet to release their updated depth chart.

While head coach Bob Stoops has repeatedly told the media that he would be announcing soon, the speculation has still been spreading like wildfire.

Most everyone has been completely confident that the position will go to Blake Bell aka “The Belldozder” but continuing on without the official announcement has raised Trevor Knight’s stock tremendously.

The questions about Bell being able to actually throw the ball have been a lot of the fans biggest concern with Bell. As for Knight, he has no game time experience but is a solid dual-threat kid.

I honestly believed – and I’m sure I’m not the only one – that Bell would have the clear advantage going into Fall camp. I actually believed it up until Monday night. Apparently the son of the late great Bob Barry, Bob Barry Jr. has said that the race has shifted into Knight having the edge.

Two things: I don’t think BBJ knows that and think he is just guessing. For Belldozer backers, don’t get too worked up yet.

This is definitely going to be a season of change for the Sooners and most notably, the fans. If you haven’t already, relax, trust the coaches on this one and hope for the best.

I also remember a time when the fans freaked out about the coaches quarterback decision… the quarterback’s name? Sam Bradford.




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