Ohio State to play VT on Labor Day ’15

The ACC likes to play a game on Labor Day. It’s kind of their thing. That’s cool and all, but not really something that I see as being a huge benefit.

Yes, it’s true, Ohio State will play Virginia Tech on Labor Day in 2015. The game was originally scheduled to be a good ol’ fashioned Saturday game on September 19th, 2015.


I’m sure many will jump in with the value that a Monday night game provides. It will be the only thing on, some will say, and that’s true as it will be prior to the start of the NFL Monday night dominance. Some will say that’s a huge recruiting boost. Ohio State needs one of those and all (not really).

All of that overlooks the fact that it is Labor Day Monday. It is on the heels of a 3-day weekend where many will be exhausted from a weekend of doing whatever they choose to do on the weekend. People will be dreading the return to work and school the next day and not necessarily care to stay up late watching a football game. I mean, people not like me. I would watch pretty much any CFB game on any given night, but I’m a special case. Otherwise, many outside of the OSU and VT fan base will likely be catching up on sleep.

OSU has never had problems pulling ratings, so when they are included in a ratings gimmick, it makes me sad.

Of course, I will watch and I will drag my weary soul into work the next morning. Hopefully I will be weary from celebrating a Buckeye win.

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