Ohio State Is Having The Worst Week, Ever

After a substantially crappy summer of PR for Coach Urban Meyer, an avalanche of disciplinary action was handed down to various Buckeye Football players. Two of these players figure prominently into visions of Buckeye domination of the B1G.


After the dust settled, the Twitter rumors were cleared up and misconceptions were erased, we were left with two suspended Buckeyes, one Buckeye under investigation and one now former Buckeye. Will these punishments be enough for the Urban naysayers? Do we care? Does anyone realize two of them are Tressel recruits? Is Urban turning everyone into monsters that will wreak havoc upon the entire city of Columbus? Who knows? What we do know is below.

Incoming Freshman tight end Marcus Baugh was removed from team activities and suspended for one game for underage possession and having a fake ID. This seems fair, right? Kind of a stupid “kid being a kid” thing and not a “harm others” thing. He also loses his financial aid for the summer, which is possibly an even worse fate.

Incoming Freshman DL Tim Gardner was sent home and will not be a part of the 2013 Buckeye Football team. He was charged with obstruction of official business by the Columbus PD this past weekend. It’s not clear if he will have a chance to be reinstated, and depending on the situation this seems to be a relatively harsh punishment based on precedent for this type of offense. Of course, I’m not 100% clear on exactly what prompted these charges so it may be perfectly in line. I’m sure more will come out about this as time goes on.

Senior RB Carlos Hyde, who happens to be the lead returning RB and the guy who has been tabbed to be Meyer’s 1st ever 1000 yard RB, has been suspended indefinitely for an altercation at a night club. Hyde is a person of interest in the assault of a woman, but had not yet been charged. I would suspect that, much like in the case of Storm Klein last year, he will be re-evaluated when (or if) charges are filed. In Klein’s case, charges were reduced and he was reinstated.

Redshirt Junior CB Bradley Roby was the fourth in the line of poor decision making Buckeyes. Roby was arrested for an altercation in a Bloomington, IN bar. He allegedly attempted to pick a fight with another patron, attempted to get back in to find a friend, was stopped, shoved (or something) a bouncer in the chest and was pinned to the ground and subdued. The only punishment for Roby, thus far, is that he will not be attending B1G Media Days, which may or may not actually be a punishment depending on your thoughts. Meyer is taking a “wait and see” on this one, and I would bank on a two-game suspension if the charges hold. Why was Roby in Hoosier Country? Who knows?

It’s time to get these guys back on the field and exhausted to the point they have no desire to step foot in a bar. I’m sure the staff is already thinking of ways to make them pay on the field.

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