Northwestern, I’m begging you: stop wearing “unique” uniforms

Look, NU, as an alumna, I’m asking, nay, pleading with you: cut it out with these hideous special uniforms.

Back when the Wildcats inked a deal with Under Armour, it was exciting. Now, it’s turned disastrous. First the football team wore those Wounded Warrior¬†ensembles that had good intentions but were poorly executed. And now, the men’s basketball team will be rocking these duds on Sunday against Illinois:

underarmournorthwestern03 underarmournorthwestern05

Unlike the Wounded Warrior garb, the hoops team apparently helped design this outfit. The jersey itself is fine, really, but those shorts…no.

I get that they’re supposed to include landmarks and symbols of the team, but these kind of look like something I would have made when asked to design a uniform in high school. I mean, could they not have stuck to just the skyline and school crest? Or just a few images, not half of the clip art library? And why are there stripes on the back? I have so many questions.

Our teams have already had tough seasons. Let’s not make it worse by adding silly uniforms to the mix.

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