NFL Week 5.5 Power Rankings

nflThe NFL has complete Week 5 and started it’s Week 6 games. So who do we at Aerys NFL like so far this season?

There should be few surprises here!

The Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs are the top four teams according to the ladies.

The Broncos are an impressive 5-0 and are certain to go to 6-0 as they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in Denver. The Seahawks are 4-1 with their lone loss coming last week to the Indianapolis Colts. They take on the Tennessee Iitans in Seattle. The Saints are also undefeated and look to continue that trend to 6-0 as they take on the New England Patriots in Massachusetts. And Kansas City is 5-0 and will more than likely jump to 6-0 as they take on the Oakland Raiders in KC.

Four teams also received special consideration from the ladies. Those teams include the Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans and the Green Bay Packers.

The Colts are 4-1 with their lone loss coming to the Miami Dolphins. That also came before they loaded up with the addition of Trent Richardson. The Colts take on the San Diego Chargers in Monday Night Football action. Get excited!

The Niners are 3-2 with losses coming from the Colts and Seahawks. The Niners look to get their fourth win of the season as they take on the Arizona Cardinals at Candlestick Park.

The Titans are 3-2 with losses to the Chiefs and Texans. With Quarterback Jake Locker injured they face a tough challenge this weekend with Seattle.

And Green Bay has a 2-2 record. One has to wonder if they are truly worthy of consideration for top rankings as they have losses to the Cincinnati Bengals and the Niners. Yeah… the Bengals! They will have a tough test this weekend as they take on the Ravens in Baltimore. If they make a statement and really beat the Ravens, then I’ll back off. Promise!

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