News from the Jungle: One Win Can Make Your Whole Week Better!

You can see it on your co-workers faces, maybe your neighbor is sporting some new attire, it’s consuming Sports Center, and you can just feel it in the air, the best time of the year has returned! If you are just as elated as I am that our favorite sport has returned to the regular season, you understand the joy it brings to my face everyday! It’s amazing how a sport can unite people the way it does.

My Monday was filled with conversations, ranging from my boss to the mailman, about the Jags impressive win on Sunday. While it was great to rejoice in the win, it was only week one. Moving forward to week 2 in which the Jaguars travel to New York to face the Jets, there is lots of activity in the Jaguars Nation. In case you didn’t catch it all here are some highlights: 

  • McCown has been flying under the radar during his NFL career.  Will that benefit him during his time as the Jags QB? Read more here.
  • OH NO! The last thing any Jags fan wants to hear is that 3 starters are already missing practice! Jack Del Rio was vague on the “injuries” & when the players would return. Read more about Lewis, Cox & Kampman’s return.
  • The Jags aren’t the only team facing injuries early in the season. It has been reported that Jets QB Mark Sanchez may have suffered a concussion after Sunday’s game.
  • On Sunday when you think you are experiencing deja vu.. Just remember you are not. The Jets plan to wear their throwback “Titans of New York” jerseys for Sundays game vs the Jaguars.
  • It’s good to know that NFL players don’t let Fantasy Football affect their onfield performances. In MJD’s case, he is still apologizing to Fantasy owners. Find out why here. Don’t worry MJD I’m willing to let you make it up to us with a HUGE game & win this week!
  • I’m less concerned with Lewis helping my fantasy football team & more concerned with his impact on the Jaguars… With that being said, what will Lewis do for Fantasy owners this year?

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