New York Giants 31-13 Loss to Cincinnati Bengals Explained in Scrubs Gifs

I’m an avid New York Giants fan, so watching that game against the Cincinnati Bengals could be explained in 1,000 words.  Words including sickening, disgusting, heart-wrenching, and depressing.  Here are some gifs from my favorite TV show Scrubs to help me out.

The Giants win the coin toss and elected to defer and the Bengals received.  Andy Dalton only threw the ball to AJ Green, who eventually burned by Giants corner Corey Webster and scored a 56-yard touchdown.













The Giants took the ball back and failed to score.  When Steven Weatherford punted the ball away, the special teams failed to make a stop and allowed a 68-yard return, to which Weatherford had to make the tackle himself.  The Bengals took advantage and scored again, once again on blown coverage, this time on the rookie corner Jayron Hosley.  4:01 into the game and the Bengals were leading 14-0.















Before the half, middle linebacker Chase Blackburn made a big hit on special teams that forced a fumble to which Will Hill recovered.  The Giants now have the ball on Cincinnati’s 10.








However, when some pretty questionable play calling was made, the Giants ran the ball three times.  They went three and out and settled for a Lawrence Tynes field goal.













Trailing 17-6 at the half, the Giants get the ball back, but not much comes out of it.  The Bengals get the ball and the defense makes a big stop, forcing them to punt away.  Eli Manning took the offense quickly down the field for the first time all game.  However, when they reached the redzone, Ahmad Bradshaw fumbled and it was recovered by Cincinnati.













Then the official implosion began.  Manning threw two horrible interceptions and also fumbled the football before he could get the pass forward.  The Bengals scored on each of those turnovers.  When the Giants were able to try and get a chance to score, big passes to Victor Cruz and Martellus Bennett were dropped, killing any chances.
















Andre Brown was able to get the Giants at least one touchdown on the day, but of course it wasn’t until the end.  This is how I felt at the end of the game….















The Giants finally get their bye week this week.  They have the Green Bay Packers at home in two weeks.




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