Need to dedicate a locker room, why not Ron Simmons?

Ron Simmons and JBL because why not!? (Screenshot via YouTube)

Ron Simmons and JBL…because why not!? (Screenshot via YouTube)

The University of Miami unveiled their football locker rooms Friday. And who are they named after? No not, Ken Dorsey. It’s none other than the most electrifying man in all of (sport) entertainment, the Rock.

Yes kids, the People’s Champ gets his name, which is Dwayne Johnson or something, written on the walls in the Hurricane locker room.

SI’s Campus Union compiled a list of noteworthy celebrities/athletes/etc. who should have their names dedicated for their alma maters locker room. And while the Larry David Locker Rooms at the University of Maryland would seem like a perfect fit for the Randy Edsall Terrapins, I feel like there is a glaring omission.

I’m probably (okay I am) talking about Ron Simmons and Florida State. Come on guys, it’s a no-brainer! Simmons’ lengthy pro wrestling career speaks for itself. Plus he did play at Florida State for Bobby Bowden. He had a great career at Florida State and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008.

Did I mention he’s great with the one liners?

Also, feel free to name the Florida locker rooms after David Penzer. I’m sure Will Muschamp won’t mind.

So please Florida State, do your thing and name the locker rooms after Ron Simmons. If they’re already named after somebody, well change the name. Come on! What are you waiting for?

In conclusion, please consider this point by Action Bronson (some NSFW lyrics).

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