NCAA Imposes No Additional Sanctions Against Gamecocks

The NCAA announced the ruling for South Carolina’s infractions today, and the university will receive no sanctions other than the ones they already self-imposed.

USC was cited for failure to monitor, and as a result will gets 3 years probation, scholarship reductions, recruiting restrictions, and have to pay an$18,500 fine. The official ruling gives the four reasons behind the NCAA’s decision:

“The committee decided not to impose more stringent sanctions in this case, including a postseason ban because:  i) the cooperation exhibited by the institution went beyond its obligations under [NCAA Bylaws]; ii) the violations were limited in scope; iii) the institution self-imposed significant penalties and; iv) there was no unethical conduct in this case.”

Athletic Director Eric Hyman released a statement following th committee’s announcement:

“The University regrets the past actions and decisions by individuals that resulted in violations of NCAA legislation. We are pleased, however, that the Committee on Infractions found the corrective actions we have taken and the penalties we have self-imposed reflect the University’s commitment to full compliance with NCAA rules.”

University president Harris Pastides released a statement of his own:

“We appreciate the Committee on Infractions’ thoughtful consideration of our case. This experience has strengthened our compliance office and our resolve to ensure that our athletics program operates in full compliance with NCAA legislation.”

This is all good news for the Gamecocks. There had been some concern that wins from 2009 might be vacated, but thankfully, those victories will stay in the books. While our situation was nowhere near the level of Ohio State, Miami, or the other USC’s, South Carolina could have been found to be a repeat offender because of violations committed under Lou Holtz. Luckily, the NCAA committee appreciated the university’s thorough self-evaluation and self-imposition of penalties.

Now let’s just stay out of trouble, okay?

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