Monday Morning Blitz: Recovering from the Numbness

Yes, I am being a bit dramatic. But. I got to tell you guys. Yesterday’s games SUCKED. I don’t know if it’s that my fantasy teams, for the most part, did really bad or what. I went 2-3 in my leagues. I don’t even care about those two wins. I am furious about those three losses.

It totally makes me want to flip some tables.

And it’s mostly because of Pete Carroll. See. The Seahawks won over the Niners, 29-3. If you weren’t watching, it was Carroll’s birthday. We all knew this because as it became more apparent that the Seahawks were going away with this game, NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth let us know … over and over and over again … that it was in fact Pete Carroll’s birthday. Look at how happy Pete is here …. I hope Pete and Cris celebrated together. Cris Collinsworth = Party Animal.

Speaking of party animals. Richard Sherman did a little dance with the Seahawks cheerleaders after a fourth quarter interception off of Colin Kaepernick. I’m digging it. How about you?

Here’s some other things for you to check out:

* has this injury report list for Week 2 through Sunday evening’s game. There are a few big names on the list and you’ll want to make sure you make the appropriate moves on your fantasy football roster if one of your guys is hurt.

* I don’t think Joe Flacco can really win. No no!! The Ravens will win. I mean whether he plays the game or stays with his wife after she delivered their son just about an hour prior to the Ravens took on the Browns. If he plays the game, which he did, he is seen as a bad father and husband. But if he stays with his family, he’s a bad team mate. … Poor Joe!

* Check out Philip Rivers getting scrappy … and then flopping! Yes, yes! You’re welcome!

Hey Monday Night Football is tonight on ESPN!

steelers bengals

Here’s a little preview of the game from ESPN. This should be an interesting game to watch after work with a cold beer!

Have a great Monday!

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