Tuesday Chirps

Last night was painful if you were an Orioles fan. Actually, it was probably painful to watch even if you weren’t. I mean, remember that I grew up as a Red Sox/Mets fan and I adopted the Orioles when I was in college and they were the closest team to me. That relationship started out of pity, but it eventually became an affectionate bond because I just cannot get enough of losing teams. (I was raised on one losing baseball team, found another – that wins more now than it used to – and have a losing hockey team and a losing soccer team to my credit.)

So basically, that’s how the Orioles and I became friends. And even though the Sox are near and dear to my heart, last night was really painful because I love everybody involved.

A few links on this not-so-pleasant morning:

  • Tilly has back tightness. Lee has an oblique problem. Makes me wonder who’s on their way up. Snyder? Reimold? Rhyne Hughes (remember him?)? Or perhaps someone else?
  • Jon Shepherd has composite rankings of the top 33 prospects in the MLB Draft. Really neat.
  • Is Adam Jones breaking out? Heath is wondering that, and you should be, too.
  • Who are the Orioles’ best inning-eaters? Check that out at Roar From 34.

Hopefully, I’ll at least draw a cartoon of Matusz or something today so I can post something happy on the site instead of ‘waaaah our bullpen is horrible.’ Although let’s be honest: waaaah, our bullpen is horrible. Ugh.

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