Monday Blitz: Peyton, Andrew, Rovell and Tebow Time in the Lou?

Via Colts Twitter Feed

Via Colts Twitter Feed

What an entertaining Sunday of football. We have lots to discuss. So let’s get to it!

The big game of the day was the Sunday Night Football match up with Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Yup. It was billed as Peyton’s home coming. And while the Indy fans gave him a classy, very moving standing ovation. it wasn’t the best of homecomings for the quarterback!

The Colts won 39-33. Andrew Luck had a magnificent performance under center. Peyton wasn’t too shabby either. The Colts defense proved too much and Peyton just couldn’t mount one of his trademark comebacks that made him so beloved in Indy.

And honestly? Good for Indy. That would not have been good whatsoever had they lost. The Colts owner is Jim Irsay. Need I say more! Here’s a recap on the game from

* And Vontae Davis forgetting who his opponent was just seconds earlier… Wow, buddy! Check this out from our friends at SB Nation!

* Check out this Tweet from everyone’s favorite sports business analyst, Darren Rovell.


TACKY! Right? Seriously. A neck joke? Bravo, jerkface! Think before you tweet, mmkay buddy.

* There were so many injuries in Sunday’s action. Your fantasy football team was more than likely hurt by all the hurt. We’re talking Jay Culter, Sam Bradford, Jermichael Finley and many more.

Sam Bradford tore his ACL in action Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Here’s more on the injury which will end his season.

Due to the injury, the Rams plan to try out several quarterbacks. Including …. wait for it …. Yup! Tim Tebow. It is probably not likely but there has at least been discussion internally by the Rams for this as an option to complete the 2013 season. Here’s more on this story from And here is a story from SB Nation about the Tebow to the Rams option.

Hey. Why not give the guy a shot?! Might be entertaining for the fans in St. Louis! Tebow Time in the Lou, y’all!

OK… I’ll stop!

* And, we have quite the Monday Night Football game to watch this week. Minnesota Vikings (1-4) and the New York Giants (0-6). Quite the doozie, huh, kids! Here’s a preview of what to expect from and here is a preview from   I think it is safe to say that Giants QB Eli Manning is itching to finally get a win this season. … Especially a day after big brother Peyton lost at Indianapolis. And Vikings QB Josh Freeman will want to stick it to the Bucs for releasing him. Good story lines! Good game! I’m excited!


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