Midweek Muscles: Yoann Gourcuff

All right, so coming up with someone to feature in Midweek Muscles shouldn’t be difficult, am I right? I mean, this is soccer. And the options available for us to chose from are more than plentiful. This is true, of course, but doesn’t make my job any easier!

Thankfully, this week I didn’t have to think too hard about this. Because one of the greatest examples of Midweek Muscles is one we haven’t featured yet! *Gasp!*

Ladies (and gents), I don’t think introductions are needed, but check out Yoann Gourcuff!

This 26-year-old gorgeous Frenchman is an attacking midfielder for Lyon in Ligue 1. And …. who cares about stats. I’ll just leave you with all the fabulous pictures. Yoann is definitely one of those players who isn’t afraid to shed his jersey … or his entire kit. Warning, some of these aren’t going to be safe for work, guys. Enjoy!

Sooooo… yeah. Wow, huh? We were thinking the same thing.

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