Midweek Muscles…We’re Back!

Life sometimes gets in the way of scrolling endlessly through abs and thighs looking for the perfect footballer to share with you. Other times, it just is not finding enough to share and that gets frustrating. But have no fear! After a break and overdosing on sugar cookies from the holidays – yes, leggings can be pants. Wear what makes you happy! What’s that you say? Swimsuit season is around the corner? Oh, it’s just a couple of months away? Hmm…yeah, I think I’ll indulge in just one more cookie and then hit the gym.

Thankfully, in the world of footballers – we don’t ever have to worry about them gaining weight since they are pretty much just this side of demigod status. As seen here with Tim Howard from his instagram account.

Tim Howard

See what I mean? Also, apologies to those on the East Coast still digging through snow. That was actually quite mean to post a photo of Tim lounging by the pool. But, isn’t that the point? It's always pool weather where our favorites are!

Stick with us as we get closer to the USMNT and 2014 World Cup. As for the players – well, we're in their instagram accounts and on top of bringing you the best now that we are inspired once again.

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