Midweek Muscles: Landon Donovan (part 10)

So this is a joint effort today. How does one do a joint effort Midweek Muscles post? Well, Danielle uploads the pictures because she’s great at finding them and I (Trista) attempt to write up something witty. Which, considering it’s Midweek Muscles, seems a little pointless because come on, I know why you’re here. It’s okay, I don’t blame you. I’m here for that same reason too.

Today we were stumped though. Jobs and illness were keeping us both from researching a new pick, so we decided to do the only right thing. Feature Landon Donovan again.

Why? Pfft, cause it’s Landon Donovan! Come on. Love him or hate him – and Danielle and I love him – he’s kicking some butt in MLS and did so back in the Gold Cup too. Also because we love any excuse to fawn all over LD. Don’t you judge us!








Danielle and I disagree on this point, but I do love a scruffy Landon Donovan.

Danielle and I disagree on this point, but I do love a scruffy Landon Donovan.


And who could forget the awesome Outside Magazine shoot? Not me. So you’re getting those pics too.



landon-outside shoot



He's adorable, admit it.

He’s adorable, admit it.



donovan5Another point we disagree on. Danielle likes the polka dot trunks. I wish he would burn them. Looks like I won out. Thanks Robbie Rogers, your Instagram pic of your teammates on South Beach made me pretty happy … for various reasons.



See? It doesn’t hurt to dig out your old favorites every once in a while. Who’s another we haven’t seen in a while? I’m thinking Benny Feilhaber. What do you think, Dani?

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2 thoughts on “Midweek Muscles: Landon Donovan (part 10)

  1. Benny!! What is he up to these days? We should road trip to SKC!

    1. I am totally within driving distance of KC.

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