Midweek Muscles: Jürgen Klinsmann

Where do we begin with this week’s choice? Footballer. Manager. Head Coach for the German National Team. Head Coach for the USMNT. The list goes on and on, I mean really, there isn’t an end to the reasons we love Herr Klinsmann! I’ve joked for awhile now that Jürgen has two phones, one is for you know important things and the other is a direct line for me to call in and request goals – I know, that’s not how it works but humor me.

But hey, here’s some trivia about Jürgen that you probably didn’t know and well, his wiki tells us. Aside from dominating the pitch, Jürgen earned a diploma in baking (am pretty sure that if you didn’t love him before, you love him now). He’s also a certified helicopter pilot! Think about that for a moment, Jürgen could potentially just fly himself to whatever location the USMNT is playing and the other coaches would just kick themselves. Is there nothing he can do?

And ladies, before you start burning those loaves of bread in the oven, our fearless USMNT leader is married. I know, I know…it’s fine…if you still want to meet a handsome German man, Timmy Chandler is available. Stop laughing. Stop it. Oh good grief…here’s what we all showed up for:




Soccer World Cup 1990: Germany vs Yugoslavia - Juergen Klinsmann

Juergen Klinsmann



United States Men's National Team Practice Session




And finally, just in case you think, “ok ok, he’s great but can he still play?” This gif from our friends at KickTV is proof that he’s still got it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Klinsi is hot! Auf Gehts!! I wish he would land his Heli on the pitch and blow the rest of Landon’s hair off. HA!

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