Midweek Muscles: Gareth Bale

*Sigh.* School is nearly back in session, the familiar tingle in the air that comes along with Premier League is in full swing and Gareth Bale’s transfer is still plaguing us all. I know, it should have been hammered out ages ago but what’s that you say, it’s done? Do my eyes deceive me? This isn’t a million dollar question…it is worth $100 million dollars! And that’s just for contract alone. Sure, Gareth might be frolicking in Malaga with his pink shirt (surely, he’s BFF with Cristano and they are swapping fashion advice) and he’s skipped out on training this week…Gareth definitely has what is well known to American High School Students as “Senioritis.” It’s that moment when you stop caring about everything around you and start focusing on the next move…some people think college, a trip abroad…Bale is thinking of his sweet #11 kit for Real Madrid.

And, while he’s said his goodbyes to his soon to be former teammates at Tottenham, we want to say the cheesiest line ever…”we’re sorry to see you go, but we love to watch you leave” – haha…it’s such a bad joke but I won’t apologize.











Tottenham's Gareth Bale Takes Over Times Square on Premier League Billboard


If you want more of Gareth Bale, you can follow him on twitter, or check out his facebook page where he’s posting outtakes from his Esquire photo shoot!

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