Midweek Muscles…Eden Hazard (part deux)

I know…I know…we have already featured Eden Hazard but honestly, who is complaining here? Hush, USMNT, you will get your turn later. I felt like we should take another look at Eden because we kind of objectified him last time. And, he’s becoming a pretty big thing for Chelsea these days, now he didn’t get a Balloon D’or but let’s get real here – Eden will get one in his career (it could happen!).

Recently, he pledged to stay with Chelsea FC and put a stop to any rumors of a Paris St Germain move, “In every transfer window for the last four years people have been saying I’m going here or there. It was the same when I was at Lille. It’s often Paris, because Paris have money, Paris are a big club. But my choice is Chelsea, I play all the time, and I like it here.”

Guess what, Eden…we like you at Chelsea FC, too.


Birthday Hazard




Ground Hazard






Shirtless Hazard

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