Midweek Muscles: David Beckham

Apologies for the late post (it’s a long story and I wish we could blame it on late night clubbing or tearing out our hair over the Arsenal loss – but really, we kind of saw that coming!). Now I had seen a preview of these photos about a month ago because I have that kind of luck where I find things and then keep them well hidden from everyone!

What am I talking about? David Beckham’s new Fall/Winter 2013 campaign for H&M – really, it’s becoming a seasonal thing and we’re always ready to see just want he has to show us…abs, really. And that he’s got a nice pack…hey! This is all ages here! Everything looks pretty comfy and soft, I know a few guys that I’d like to dress up in this collection…or undress…is it hot in here? Is it me? Here’s what we’re all here for:









I mean, you have to admit that David always delivers and we just eat it up. Thank you, David…please don’t chase me down with your Louboutin’s Victoria!!! We love you, too!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Him…YES. Her, eh

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