Midweek Muscles: Brek Shea

Hooray! It’s that time of week again – no, silly, it isn’t Friday (although I wish it was!). This week we take a look at the lone goal scorer of the Gold Cup final…Brek Shea! The 22-year-old from College Station, Texas, is very familiar to those of us that love MLS. After spending four years with FC Dallas, where he helped the team reach the playoffs in 2010 and 2011, he signed with English Premier team, Stoke City in January 2013.

Brek has had his ups and downs but with his recent time with the USMNT, it’s safe to say that he’s back and hungry for goals. So, let’s sit back and enjoy this compilation of photos. Yes, I know they are a little more clothed but if you want abs…you have to ask Brek to strip…What!? You were thinking it!

As we compiled this post, Brek joined his team at PPL Park to play against the Philadelphia Union where they won 2-0, sadly a tackle from Union player, Matt Kassel injured Brek. It looks like a ligament injury which has upset Stoke manager, Mark Hughes since we all know after Brek’s performance with the USMNT, he was ready to give it his all. Hughes was quoted as saying to ESPN, “I really have no idea what the lad was thinking about by going in for the challenge like that. Maybe he was trying to make a name for himself. Whatever he was thinking, it was totally wrong. We have been waiting a while to get Brek back here and, until the injury, he looked very bright, very dangerous and appeared to have a real understanding of what his role was on the left-hand side of midfield.” Get well soon, Brek! And now…let’s wish his a speedy recovery the only way we know how!


Here’s Brek holding the Gold Cup and showing off his Gold medal.


A little goal celebration here.


Brek with fellow USMNT teammate, Alejandro Bedoya. Just a couple of guys getting ready to dominate…really, just another day for them.


Brek and Herculez Gomez…you have to admit this is quite possibly the best photo here. Nice tops, guys!


Yes, we all have modeling photos we aren’t proud of – this is not one of them. In fact, I’m pretty sure the other photos from this shoot were all 100% perfection.

Guatemala US Soccer

Don’t look so worried, Brek! We promise not to show anything embarrassing – honest!


Did you know that aside from being soccer player extraordinaire, Brek is also an artist? Like a real working artist? You can check out Brek’s work at Left Foot Studio and yes, purchase his work.


Doing their best James Bond impression, here is Brek and Geoff Cameron. Hm…maybe less Bond and more Bourne Identity, guys.


We can only wonder what is behind the grin…


Hanging out and all smiles here.


Ah, yes…here is Brek decked out for his club, Stoke City.


Hey, look who we have here! Baby Brek and he’s decked in red, white and blue. Little did he know that he’d grow up to hoist a Gold Cup and well…do this next thing…*sigh* let’s just enjoy Baby Brek a little longer…


Some people were angry with this photo but if you live in Texas…this is just a normal photo, really. And sure, Brek may have pulled the photo when fans voiced their opinion. I thought it was funny and he may have thought it was cool…to that I say…oh Brek!


And finally, if you take anything away from all of this…know that when he was needed…Brek stepped up and brought home the win for his team and country! Thank you, Brek!

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