Midweek Muscles…Bojan Krkic

So this week’s entry for Midweek Muscles would have been a hard sell last year. If the Spanish National Team was a pop group – Bojan would be the cute one that made the girls go crazy, much like Niall Horan of One Direction. But there is a line between the cute one and the jaw-dropping gorgeous one. Stay with me now, I promise that I will defend my case here. Last World Cup, we were all entranced by San Iker and wanted to run our fingers through Sergio Ramos’ hair. Personally, I was ready to run off with Alvaro Arbeloa and fake my way through the Catalan language…

You see, we’re used to Bojan looking like this:





Perfectly cute and likely going to be the nicest guy you’d meet. He’d hold your hand and explain to us why some ref’s call a goal offside. He’d know the Offside Rule and wouldn’t even laugh at you if you asked a silly question…but then this happened…










It’s the greatest mystery of all. What happened in the space of a year – no, weeks! As a follower of his Instagram account, he did not look like this in December. I bow down to the person that helped this transformation. I also think that I need to make some room on the crush list because Bojan Krkic is going to be our new #1 and we all just might need to start following Ajax (his current team for which he is on loan from FC Barcelona).

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  1. Frances Sullivan says:

    It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a good haircut

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