Midweek Muscles: Benjamin Corgnet

I joked earlier that today’s edition of Midweek Muscles would be hot…so hot, it was on FIRE! I’m not even kidding. You see I live in the Palm Springs area (I might be writing this by the pool and sipping on a mimosa…then again, I might not). We’re actually dealing with a fire less than thirty minutes away and so, we’re covered in ash and soot. Definitely not pool weather! But, never fear, today I’m bringing you someone that you may or may not know this week. He surely had me stopping and staring yesterday when I was scrolling through boring family posts on Facebook (admit it, you get tired about hearing how awesome your little cousin did on their summer camp project or “Look, the baby smiled!”). Wow, way to go off track there…here’s your Midweek Muscles entry…Benjamin Corgnet!



Some of you will notice that Benjamin is with AS St. Etienne (which was once Carlos Bocanegra’s club when he was with Ligue 1 just a couple of years ago). But this is a new club for Benjamin. The 26-year-old midfielder is what some would call a late bloomer. With no formal training, his parents turned down an offer to join Lyon at age 10. Instead, he went the academic route and later attended medical school…yes, Benjamin Corgnet can likely revive us after fainting!

Ah, yes, this is the kind of photo that makes me happy. I love seeing a player posing with his new club’s kit. St. Etienne also signed defender Paul Baysse formerly of Stade Brestois.


With teammates on the way to practice, he is unaware of the camera but still giving us his best sex face…What, you were thinking it, too. And I’m sure Paul Baysse is judging us hard with that look. I think we need another cold drink here.


There it is! His movie star smile. What level of Zoolander is this? I’m not even sure but it really is sweet and you should all enjoy it.



Benjamin with his former club, FC Lorient. Before he signed with his former club, some pretty major teams in Europe wanted him. There was even talk that Arsene Wagner from Arsenal FC was actively pursuing Corgnet. Patrice Carteron who brought Benjamin to another former club, Dijon was quoted last year as saying, “People laughed when I said we wouldn’t sell for less than €6m. They’re not laughing any more.”


Though he wasn’t picked to represent his country, it shouldn’t be long before he gets an invite. His strength is an ability to run with the ball at pace, breaking through tackles courtesy of his balance and ability to accelerate rapidly from a standing start. Benjamin Corgnet is definitely one to watch.


Showing his best Blue Steel for the camera (sorry! It just is so easy to revert back to Zoolander quotes!).


Here’s Benjamin running along the beach with former FC Lorient teammate, Maxime Barthelme.

And finally, we before we leave you…I couldn’t resister and I’m sure, he would get a laugh out of this. We love you Benjamin! If you want to know more about him, give him a follow on twitter @corgnetbenjamin!


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