Midweek Muscles: Arsenal

It’s that time again! Humpday…Not Friday!…Middle of the week….Slumpday. I know, I feel you and well, to be honest it does feel like today is lagging a bit. But never fear – your best pal, Danielle is here to bring you the goods. I’m like a shirtless footballer dealer.

I’m sure you saw the headline and thought, “where is she going with this?” It seems our little Bayern Munich post was quite popular (Mario Gomez; that will do it). So I decided, hey, let’s do it again! But with my favorites; Arsenal’s goal scorers Lukas Podolski (11th minute), Theo Walcott (63rd minute), Podolski (68th minute) and Aaron Ramsay (71st minute). That impressive win Tuesday took the Gunners a step closer to the Champions’ League spot but sadly relegated Wigan Athletic, who not for lack of trying did get a goal in but it wasn’t enough to save them. So long, Wigan. We will pour one out for you, but in the meantime…we will celebrate the winners.

When I think of a “Life Ruiner,” I don’t think of Lukas Podolski because this German footballer is just so sweet to look at. But, that was my first mistake. You see, this former Bayern Munich player knows when to turn on the charm. He’s stealth, that’s for sure!

AFC_LukasSee what I mean? And if you didn’t know, here’s a little trivia. Lukas had the option of playing for Poland or Germany’s National Team but chose to play for the German National team which earned him trips to the World Cup (2006 and 2010). He has had 108 appearances and some equally impressive goals to match.


Here is Lukas putting one past Wigan’s keeper in yesterday’s match. Somehow, I think Arsenal’s photographer knew the right moment to capture this.

AFC lukas-podolski-2

You don’t even need to ask him to remove his shirt because it naturally does not cover his abs.

Now, if you think I was going to leave you like that…no way! I couldn’t possibly do that to you. Because I still have Theo and Aaron in my back pocket….No really, they are there.

Arsenal Training Session

Don’t let that smile fool you. If Lionel Messi has called him, “one of the most dangerous players I have ever played against,” you know Theo means business! The 24-year-old Arsenal forward was really born to play football. Representing England, he has gone to the World Cup twice (with a controversial decision at the last minute by Fabio Capello that left him off the squad for one of the final matches that had even Lionel Messi saying “I must say that at the time I thought it was a bad decision to leave Theo Walcott at home, and I think that has been proved right.”) Whatever the case…I hear Brazil is around the corner and Theo will definitely be wanted.

Arsenal Training Session

 Calculating Theo…


 Thanking the supporters after the match against Wigan.

 Now, I consider Aaron Ramsey to be a Baby Baller. Why’s that, you ask? Well, he was born in the 90s which was not so long ago, but I won’t bring up the conversation that Trista and I had about things that were just 16 years ago but they seem like yesterday! I wonder if how I feel about Abba will be how my children will feel about Robin Thicke…don’t answer that. Instead, let’s look at this handsome Welsh player.


 Aaron’s goal celebration against Wigan was cute but I found a gif that I think you all will enjoy even more!


 Pretty fantastic, if you ask me.


In the words of Stanley Tucci from Devil Wears Prada, gird you loins! Ok, that sounded funnier in my head but I’m having feels over this photo and they are not PG-13, guys!

I’m well aware that we lacked in abs this week but come on…I gave you a smoldering Podolski, dangerously sweet Walcott and Ramsey looking like he’s auditioning for 50 Shades, ya’ll. Yeah, I think this post totally did it for you and me and our fearless leader, Trista. I am well aware that I may need to make a post for Manchester United in the near future but…maybe I’ll leave that one to her, haha

Until next time!