Midweek Muscles: Andrew Weber

Before you say, “Who?” Let me first state there is a twin involved. Ah, yes, now I have your attention again. Awhile ago, someone mentioned that Andrew would be a great addition to Midweek Muscles. As usual I just nodded and said, “Yeah, sure.” But then my friend, Meghan, said, “He’s a model and he has a twin brother.” Well, my radar went up and I knew immediately that you all would love him. Something to note, Andrew and his brother, Elliot, were on the 20th season of Amazing Race. They ended up ninth of the 11 teams and the third team eliminated from the show.

Andrew Weber is with Phoenix FC of the UCL Pro Division – this is why it is important to support all soccer divisions – you never know where you might find your next crush! And yes, there was a loan to the Seattle Sounders but his contract was not renewed – don’t worry, Andrew – we still love you! And yes, he is a goalkeeper – hello, lover! Everyone knows how we feel around here about goalkeepers – it’s their hands, really. They also have the skill to stop anything…like a pack of girls chasing them down? Probably. Sit back and enjoy the following images…





Andrew Weber 032010_JohnTodd


You Know I'm Not As Smart As You (Buenos Aires, Argentina)




If you want to know more about Andrew, you can follow him on twitter!

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