Miami finally receives NCAA punishment

In what seemed like an eternity, the Miami Hurricanes athletic department found out their sanction fate on Tuesday morning. For those of you that have been paying attention, the “U” have already self-imposed missing the postseason for the last two Sebastian_the_Ibisseasons.

According to National and local Miami media, the sanctions will include a reduction of nine scholarships from the football program over a three-year span, as well one per year from the basketball program in same time span. Some other sanctions which will affect other schools, such as Missouri.  Missouri’s head basketball coach Frank Haith will be suspended for five games. Former Miami assistant, Jorge Fernandez, who is currently at Marshall, was hit with a two-year show cause.

During the 2 1/2 year process, the Hurricanes have not only imposed postseason bans which cost them an ACC coastal title, they also suspended eight football players and a basketball player. Miami also claims they reduced the number of scholarships available during this time, as well as limiting contact with recruits.

It is like when a kid knows he is going to get in trouble with dad and does all this preemptive punishment to himself to soften the blow later. In this case, it definitely worked.

I agree with everyone screaming to the rooftops that this is a pretty soft punishment, but seriously. Anytime for the rest of eternity when anyone receives their sanctions, I don’t want to hear about how “your school got screwed by the NCAA.” WE KNOW! We get it. We all agree. Let’s just move on. I just wouldn’t act shocked like you knew this wasn’t coming. The NCAA, if nothing, is inconsistent. Have been for quite some time.

Reports are saying that Miami will accept punishment from the NCAA and the case that would never end, will be on the road to ending – in three years, when they get off probation. FINALLY.

You can see the NCAA’s official statement on Miami here.


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