Media has turned National Signing Day into a circus

In the beginning, National Signing Day was a day for high school athletes (of all sports, not just football) to be proud of their accomplishments and let everyone know where they have decided to to attend college. Nowadays it has turned into a sideshow. Eighteen-year-old kids with microphones and cameras all up in their business. Not that some of the kids don’t completely feed off of it ¬†using props, babies (seriously) and dogs (also serious).

It seems that over the years, the media coverage of these kids has reached new heights. More and more people are more interested innational-signing-day-2010 how many stars a kid has next to his name instead of what he is actually all about. The media determines the stars, so right off the bat it is media-biased. What is funny about the star-system is that less than half these kids end up performing to the hype. That falls back on the coaches who under-develop. If you want an example of a coach who can do more with less than most coaches can do with a team full of starred-out athletes look straight to Kansas State’s Bill Snyder.

On Wednesday, where kids just wanted to enjoy their moment with the ones closest to them during their announcement, members of the media took to twitter and announced before the kid actually had a chance. All because they wanted to get their story out first. I know these people have jobs to do, which I completely understand. But when you hear stories of a dude who works for a recruiting site, trapping a recruit in the bathroom to get an exclusive interview? Um, yikes. That is so unprofessional. I’m not naming any names on who it was, but if you are good at the Google, it’s all right there… 24/7 (hint, hint).

I saw another guy on Wednesday that I actually follow on twitter that works for another major recruiting site that was talking about helping the kid pick a school!!! WHAT? I’m not sure what violation that breaks but I have a feeling it’s quite a few.

The media has become swept up in getting their stories in there first and over-hyping a kid they have been following that it has almost become unbearable. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t follow NSD, I do. I love to see the new guys coming in, but what I think is ridiculous is the amount of air put into these kids heads to have them thinking that having a baby help them choose their “hat” is cool. That falls on over-hyping media.

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