Matt Garza is at it again

Thank God this happened after he’d already been traded and the prospects the Cubs got in return were safely ensconced in their farm system:




I woke up to a bunch of tweets saying “I can’t wait to see what Julie DiCaro has to say about this!” But really, what am I supposed to say? He’s a misogynistic asshole who has no PR skills. Is this a huge surprise to anyone? Once again, I repeat my call for the Cubs to include social media training as a chapter of “The Cubs Way.”

In other fun news today, Luis Valbuena is headed to the DL. Why is this fun, you ask? Because Logan Watkins is on his way to Chicago from Iowa and is slated to start at 2B today. Time to check out the kids.

Game thread to come.

2 thoughts on “Matt Garza is at it again

  1. sloanpeterson2 says:

    All I read about Garza was that he felt insulted about the bunts…

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