Mascot Battle: Week 4

Welcome to this week’s mascot battle! In week 3, the focus is on animal mascot battles that could actually happen. But as always, the battles are paired with picture of more questionable things.

Let’s start with the best: Bears vs. Lions. This is a gladiator battle (but this didn’t just happen with the gladiators; remember back in Shakespeare’s day when people would watch bear-baiting before seeing a play? But I digress…) Both animals are practiced predators and have the jaws and claws to prove it. The lion may be more limber, but the bear has more weight behind his strength. I did some research, and the bear wins this one, paws down.

Or we could just snuggle

Or we could just snuggle

In other battles that could happen if humans or nature had a wicked sense of humor, we have two match-ups this week that involve birds taking on animals that are much larger than them: Ravens vs. Bills and Eagles vs. Broncos. Are we talking a flock vs. a stampede or one-on-one? Frankly, I wouldn’t want to face off against those wings and talons, even if I was with my hooved posse. But couldn’t the bigger guys just sit on the birds? This one is ultimately given to the Bills and Broncos.

birds and bigger animals

Unless the bird looks like this, and then you should run for your life:

To round out our real mascot battle, the worst match-up of the week is Colts vs. Jaguars. Is it really a contest?


Shh this might be a Ferrari


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